"Let me make this clear...


There were many steps in my weight loss journey. It was certainly not an overnight change and no part of it came easy, but nothing that is worth achieving in life will ever be a quick process. I tracked calories, stayed away from a lot of unhealthy foods, and exercised regularly, but these three things would've had no significance whatsoever without the

right mindset.

There was NOTHING that was going to stop me on the path to my goal. Sure, there were tough days and moments when I caved to temptation, but I didn't let these define me.


Today, my weight loss journey is complete, but I will never lose the disciplined mentality that I gained throughout the process of losing 140 pounds. You can do anything you want in life. All it takes is an unrelenting desire to accomplish it."


Canada to Connecticut run 

Aravaipa 100 MILEr

Tanner Kern is a 22 year old coach, runner, and blogger from Connecticut. He is the host of The Tanner Kern Podcast and creator of "It's a Process: A Blog About Life, Running, and Everything in Between."

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