Why you Need to get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable Right Now

I want to throw out a little disclaimer to kick this blog off for everyone. If you think I'm being negative in this I'm not. I'm just stating the facts and the truth.

In the climate we're currently in there seems to be a whole lot of uncertainty. There is a lot of uncertainty, but tangled within that uncertainty is certainty. Let me explain what I mean...

Nobody knows the course the virus will take. Even the experts don't know if their predictions are accurate and as we have seen, often they are incorrect. To add to this, each media outlet has their own spin on the news that they want to tell. This is the uncertainty, but what is certain is that for the time being the world has changed. No matter when the economy reopens or schools get back in session, COVID-19 has permanently changed world protocol.

It's uncomfortable being in the situation that we are living in right now. When society begins returning to the new normal things are still going to be uncomfortable. Masks and gloves at restaurants...That's definitely not my ideal dining situation, but it is what it is.

The point I'm trying to make is that it's certain that it will be uncomfortable adjusting to this new normal again just as it's currently uncomfortable living under these strict restrictions.

So how do we handle this discomfort?

Easy Answer...You embrace it.

The first step is to come to accept the discomfort. It's not going away and if you go through each day thinking "this sucks" I guarantee you that it will. What can you do in this climate? What fun can you still have? What are you still grateful for that you haven't lost with COVID?

I ask myself these questions daily and this keeps me grounded. When I think about all the amazing things that I still have in a world of the Coronavirus it's a lot tougher to get depressed about the situation.

I understand getting comfortable in our current world is a lot tougher than I'm making it sound. I struggle with COVID lockdown everyday, but I don't let it get the best of me. I wake up and make my bed the same exact way as I would in a COVID free world. This acceptance is a process. My advice would be to get a little better with embracing the situation each day. If you get 1% better with our current world day after day, eventually you will become comfortable being uncomfortable.

What's your thoughts on getting comfortable being uncomfortable? I'd love to hear! Please reach out by email or on my social media platforms.

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