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Why You Need to Continue Adding Tools to Your Toolbox

It’s no secret. The current climate we are living in is not easy. Some people are better at handling the adversity, but anyone would be lying if they said COVID has not bothered them in some capacity in the past couple months.

I went for a walk today and I started thinking about life as I usually do and I saw a lot of people out and about. Some people were walking and others were running. Some people were fishing while others were just sitting enjoying the early summer weather.

While the activities varied amongst all the individuals, I believe that everyone I saw shared one thing on my Monday morning stroll. Each person was trying to improve themselves in some way and not allow COVID to bring them down. The activities varied, but they were all similar because in that moment people were distracted from our current climate in my opinion. There were siblings riding bikes and feeding bread to birds. There were couples sitting on the town green enjoying the view. The people I saw didn’t seemed phased by our world and it was really awesome to see.

I kept walking and I got to thinking about my blog for the day which is my morning run/walk ritual and I thought of the toolbox. Your personal toolbox is a metaphor for every single talent or ability you have in your arsenal to cope with life’s circumstances in the good and bad times. We need to continue to add tools to our toolboxes in order to live happily as we grow up. If you don’t add any tools during hard times like this you’re wasting a valuable opportunity to be ready for the next inevitable hurdle of life.

Each person has a unique toolbox based on their talents, backgrounds, and interests. We’re all different, but this doesn’t mean we don’t all NEED a toolbox. Without a toolbox, tough times get even harder and you must be constantly improving whether you’re adding or replacing tools.

So how does this all relate to the pandemic?

Right before I finished my walk I thought about improvement and this entire situation. If you don’t come out of this down time improved in some way the pandemic won. Obviously people have different occupations and time commitments, but COVID has taken something away from each of us that we used to enjoy. Take that time and fill it with something that you will use to strengthen your mind as well as your body.

In my opinion, the one positive about COVID is the extra time we have to improve ourselves in some way. Don’t look at this time as a waste and sulk in bed watching Netflix. If you get after it, find a new passion, or improve yourself in some way I guarantee that it will pay dividends in the future!

What are your thoughts on the toolbox? I’d love to hear! Send me an email or reach out on my social media.

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