Why it’s Necessary to Edit Your Life

Think back to your high school and college years. For some this may be in the past and for others this may be your current situation. Now focus on the papers you had to write for English class. In my experience, the best teachers always had the class hand in a rough draft and go through a rigorous editing process before turning in the final paper. I always hated editing papers because it wasn’t easy. Despite this, I’ve learned that without the editing process, the final result would not be successful. The first time through the paper, we don’t realize the mistakes that plague our writing. The same goes for life.

I would equate the rough draft of life to be when we jump into something that feels right. This can be a person, situation, job, experience, or really anything that life has to offer. After we experience the new stimulus we get a feel for how it fits into our lives. Sometimes things are perfect and no changes are necessary, but other times we need to edit out the negative to experience a more fulfilling life. If we don’t, misery can creep into our lives just like that bad grade in English when we don’t take the editing process seriously. Hopefully the English class example resonated with you, but whether this is the case or not, your life will not be great if you don’t continuously edit.

Since my football career ended, I was forced to edit my life just to be healthy. A lot of the things I enjoyed as a 315 pound offensive lineman would be harmful to me now as a 200 pound runner. I would eat more calories at midnight back at Lafayette then I do throughout the whole day now. A midnight Wawa run to get a pint of ice cream and frozen Reese’s Big Cups was my nightly trip. If I would’ve kept this up, I’d weigh more than 340 pounds now with diabetes.

This is just one example of editing. You also need to edit people. This can be really difficult because sometimes you need to edit people whose company you enjoy, but will ultimately bring you down. It can also be the opposite case where you’re editing that person who just brings you down and you don’t enjoy their company at all. We’ve all experienced the latter in friends or significant others because it takes awhile to see someone’s true colors.

In order to be happy we need to edit our lives to keep the things that fulfill us and remove the negativity that plagues our existence. Editing your life can be painful. It’s tough to get rid of people or step away from negative situations, but it’s necessary. If we don’t edit our lives, it could be a tough road because eventually it’s too late to make a change. The deadline for the paper eventually comes and if you slacked in editing you’re not going to get a great result. Life plays by the same rules, but the grade means much more than high school English class. Start editing your life and you will find true happiness along the way!

What are your thoughts on editing your life? I’d love to hear! Comment below, send me an email, or reach out on social media.

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