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Why Haven't You Made a Change Yet?

We all have desired changes that we want to make in our lives. This is part of human nature, but there's a classification that sets some people apart from others: Some people are able to make a change and others are not.

We all have the ability to change, but how comes some people are able to change while others stagnate in their lives?

I tried to figure out this question once I lost 140 pounds.

I look for this answer through speeches, word of mouth, and on my podcast. I think I've finally found the answer.

I always figured that some people were tougher mentally than others and could force themselves to change. This could be a factor, but it wasn't what I heard from most people that I spoke with who made a change in their lives for the better.

I found that people who haven't made a change in their lives simply haven't hit their breaking point. We all have a breaking point where we say enough is enough. This breaking point stops stagnation and causes massive acceleration. There has to be some impetus that forces you to make a change in your life.

For me, I lost weight because I couldn't fit on the rides at Universal. That was the moment when I said "enough is enough" after I battled the emotions of that awful day. When I look back on it, that day turned out to be a blessing. It propelled my journey to where I am today.

Until you hit your breaking point, you're not going to change. Change is uncomfortable so you have to have a reason for WHY you're going to stay strong when things get hard. Struggle is something that most people stray from, but it's inevitable when looking to change your life.

If you've been unsuccessful with trying to change, this means that there aren't enough reasons in your life for you to change just yet. When enough becomes enough, you'll do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go.

Everyone can change. Not everyone is able to change. However, I assure you of one thing. When you're truly ready to change, you will, because that means you've officially hit your breaking point.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear! Send me an email, comment below, or reach out on social media.

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