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Venturing into the Unknown

I woke up around 5:15, but I didn’t sleep great last night. I wasn’t worried, but instead excited. Obviously, I have some pre run nerves, but I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to get to run from Canada to Connecticut and explore a completely new route. It hit me yesterday how big this task was on our 5 hour car ride when I realized “WE’RE RUNNING ALL THE WAY BACK!” This thought filled me with excitement and I know the same emotions flooded Jordan...after we got over the “shit what did I get myself into” initial reaction!

For breakfast, I had some granola, a muffin from Dunkin, BodyArmour, and a lot of water! We’re going to be eating all day long on the run so I didn’t take in a huge breakfast. If you remember the car from yesterday, it’s stocked so we have enough to keep us running!

It‘s just about 6:00 am right now and we’re ready to go! We’re just waiting for the crew chief to get out of the shower and then we’ll begin our hour drive to the Beecher Falls, VT US/Canada Border Crossing!

UPDATE: He’s out of the shower and just said, “We’re ready to roll!”

So with that said it’s time to get going! Follow along all day for updates on my social media and there will be a wrap up blog tonight after we get back and recover from our massive day of running!

Its time to go to work!

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