The Yes Men - ThunderMeat Endurance Founders Jack Johnson, Nate Rozell, & Jon Lacy

My guests today areThunderMeat Endurancefounders Jack Johnson, Nate Rozell, and Jon Lacy. When races were canceled due to COVID, these three men created ThunderMeat to keep people's motivation high and allow their participants to discover a new physical and mental limit that they never thought was possible. ThunderMeat has put on three races thus far with their fourth coming on August 22nd. Each event is unique and different than the traditional race companies in the world of endurance. In the episode we discuss each of their running backgrounds, why they started ThunderMeat, the races they've put on, future plans, and advice for people afraid to get into the world of endurance. It was so much fun recording with these awesome dudes and I hope you enjoy! If you'd like to find out more about ThunderMeat please visit To connect with Jack visit, Nate, and Jon

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