The Tanner Kern Podcast is Here!

My podcast has officially been released!

The first episode is a quick 6 minute introduction and background on myself for listeners, my reasoning for starting the podcast, and the plan for the show moving forward!

I'm going to have lots of different types of guests on the show which I'm hoping appeals broadly to listeners. Despite this, all guests are going to revolve around the theme of motivation with the goal of inspiring YOU to achieve your dreams or get stronger on the path to your goal!

The short introductory episode as well as all shows moving forward will be available on my website as well as on most podcast platforms including Spotify and Stitcher. It will also be on Apple Podcasts very soon! I'm hoping it's on Apple's platform within the next day, so there are plenty of places to listen and download the show!

The first full length episode will be dropping next week! I can't express how excited I am to bring you all this new content and I hope you join me on this journey!

Here's some of the links!





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