The One Mile Mentality

I'm a frequent runner at a few local tracks. When I was training to run 100 miles in two days I trained on this soft surface for a month straight and ever since then I found a love for the track. This isn't a blog about running though, but instead my thoughts of what I see every time I go to the track.

There's always people that show up, run one mile, and then leave. Before I get into this let me just clarify that I'm not saying the action of running a mile is bad. In this blog, I'm focusing on the mentality of running one mile and not continuing to push yourself. The One Mile Mentality is prevalent in other areas outside of the track. It's prevalent for a lot of people in all aspects of life.

The One Mile Mentality is when we get comfortable and don't continue to push forward. Comfort is appealing because it's easy, but it doesn't improve anything inside of us. We don't improve unless we strain to find the next level in everything we do. If you're not getting better, then you're getting worse and comfort tricks us into coasting in our lives. When people only run one mile permanently or just do the minimum in their daily lives, no growth will ever occur. If you're not striving for greatness everyday, you won't experience true happiness. You may think you're happy, but you'll never find the greatness that lies outside of your comfort zone.

Don't stop pushing because relentless drive ultimately leads to greatness which is implanted in ALL OF US. Despite this, not all of us are able to find it...

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