The Inevitable Changes That Life Throws at us Everyday

The world we’re living in today is filled with uncertainty. There‘s no secret to this statement. The news changes every single day and only one thing is truly certain: The world we are currently living in has little to no certainty.

Despite this, I’m here to say that this is no different than our life prior to COVID. Let me change your thought process on this fact. Bars are closed, restaurants and sports are different, and there‘s protocol changes EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Prior to COVID, was life certain...100% NO. I thought of this fact the other day when the pandemic was starting to mess with my head. I was sick of not knowing what’s going to happen and being unable to make plans for the future.

In a pre COVID world, it‘s easier to make future plans, but is it certain that those plans will happen? Can we go to bed at night knowing our exact fate the next day? Both these questions have the same answer: NO!

We can plan as much as we want in our lives. We can plan something as small as what we’re doing tomorrow or plan on marrying someone years down the road early in a relationship. The bottom line is that plans change. There is no certainty in our lives. I’ve planned on a lot of things that I thought were going to happen in my life, but never actually occurred. This left me with a wide range of emotions...Some good and some bad. At times I thought my life was over and at other moments I felt lucky that my plans didn’t take place. I’ve learned throughout my whole life so far that there is only one certainty in the world. The sun is going to rise every morning and set every night. It doesn’t wait for anyone’s plans.

No matter what happens in your life just know that there is a plan for you. It may not be the exact one that you originally thought, but that’s okay. Embrace change and live every second of your life to the fullest and you’ll be rewarded at the end of the day!

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