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David Goggins - 4x4x48 Challenge: It's Time to get to WORK

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

4 Miles. Every 4 Hours. For 48 Hours.

If you know anything about David Goggins, you know he is an absolute savage. He is often referred to as the "Baddest Man on the Planet" and for very good reason. Goggins, who had an extremely difficult journey to success is the only member of the US Armed Forces to complete SEAL training, Army Ranger School, and Air Force tactical air controller training. He is an ultra endurance athlete who has finished some of the toughest footraces in the world including Badwater 135 and the Western States 100.

No joke...This blog would actually end up turning into an essay if I listed all of his accomplishments.

I originally found out about this challenge on a Joe Rogan Podcast featuring Jesse Itzler from 2018. Itzler, a highly succesful entrepreneur invited Goggins to live with him for 31 days because he needed to shake up his life and let me tell you this...David Goggins helped him do just that!

Itzler wrote about this in Living with a SEAL and as you can see from the cover it definitely helped get Itzler out of his rut.

One of the challenges Goggins put Itzler through was the 4x4x48 Challenge and when I first heard of it a year ago I never thought I'd be attempting it, but hey what can I say...Plans Change!

Goggins posted a video on his Instagram a couple weeks ago asking his followers if any of them were crazy enough to give it a try. I'm not gonna lie and say I jumped at the opportunity to do this because that is just not the case.

It took me two weeks to finally step up to the Goggins Challenge and my 48 hours of fun is beginning at 8:00 am tomorrow.

The Rules:

I have to run 4 Miles every 4 hours starting at 8:00 am for 48 hours. My recovery time depends on how long it takes me to finish the run so for example, if my 8:00 am run takes 30 minutes, my break will be 3.5 hours until my second run begins at noon. There will be 12 runs over the next two days totaling 48 miles. So, if everything goes as planned my last run will be at 4:00 am on Thursday.

The challenge is very easy to understand, but I have a feeling it won't be that easy to complete.

What got me to finally attempt the 4x4x48 Challenge was the challenge itself. Like Itzler, I've kinda fallen into a rut with my training and I wanted to shake things up. I know it's going to really push me mentally and physically, but I can't wait to grow through the suffering. As Goggins would say, after this challenge I'm going to be able to add a cookie to the Cookie Jar. What he means by this is when things get difficult in my life, I'm going to be able to look back at this challenge as a reminder of how badass I am.

So with that being said 4x4x48 Challenge...YOU'RE ON!

Follow me on my social media for updates throughout the challenge.

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