The Choice We Make Every Morning

Updated: May 11, 2020

Every morning when we wake up we have two possible choices we can make. We can either choose to have a positive mindset or a negative one. That decision is made as soon as you get out of bed. We all have tough days and uncontrollable problems we encounter along the way, but we have the sole power to perceive these issues positively or negatively.

This idea was reaffirmed in my head this past weekend. On Saturday, I virtually graduated from college. It was a five year journey that culminated in a 30 minute celebration broadcasted on YouTube. It was put together extremely well, but I still didn't get to walk across the stage and receive my diploma that I had worked very hard to attain. That night, the local news was doing a story on the virtual graduation and they featured a woman who received her degree. She was crying and very upset that she didn't get the big graduation ceremony. This is understandable because we all want to celebrate our accomplishments, but at the same time the day's situation doesn't change the accomplishment.

We wake up with a choice. We can either be positive or negative so on Saturday when I woke up I took a shower, put my regalia on and enjoyed the moment just as if it was an in-person commencement. I made a choice that morning. I wasn't going to let a bad situation affect my positive mindset and I ended up having a great day. If I would've mourned my lost graduation I'm 100% certain the day would've been memorable for the wrong reasons.

In these crazy times of COVID-19 this concept is critical. We can do a small fraction now of what we used to be able to do, but this doesn't mean we have to be negative. I guarantee if you wake up and say "today is gonna suck," your prophecy is going to come true. How we mentally perceive our life is how it will manifest in our mood.

I'm not saying that I'm perfect when it comes to waking up on the right side of the bed. There are some days that I feel awful and I don't want to be positive, but I've learned that this is a slippery slope. If I don't start the day off with a positive mindset, I'm putting myself in a hole for the rest of the day. We're going to encounter difficult situations, but if we use a positive mindset to overcome the tough times we will never truly be defeated by life's left hook!

Our mind is so powerful and if we allow it to cave to life's tough circumstances, we're going to struggle to get through the day. It's going to be hard, but when you get out of bed try and reframe your thoughts in a positive way and I guarantee it will help you throughout your daily endeavors.

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