The Attractiveness of the Unknown

Unknown: Not known or familiar

We all fear some aspect of the unknown. The unknown is scary because we want certainty in our lives so when we step outside of our comfort zones fear often takes control. When we step into the unknown in any venture of our lives there are two possible outcomes. The result can be positive or negative. We've all tried some unknown that didn't work out and we've all attempted something that we fell in love with from the minute it entered our lives. Both these outcomes share a similarity in the fact that they each started with entering the unknown.

When we enter the world everything is unknown and we encounter new life circumstances until our last day on Earth. We all have unlimited potential to fulfill our passions in life, but if we don't have the courage to try there will always be stagnation. We need to tap into our full potential to achieve greatness and the only way that this is done is by stepping into discomfort.

Have you ever feared something or someone so much that you didn't take a chance just to stay comfortable?

Have you ever feared failure so much you didn't even try?

Have you ever not said something that you have regretted since the day you had the opportunity?

We can all relate to these scenarios because each situation screams uncertainty and as humans we want comfort. So what if I told you the true way to happiness is by embracing the unknown and attacking it with relentless ferocity?

If we never step into the unknown we will not know our true potential or the way our life could've been if we confronted our fears. On the other side of the unknown is greatness and if we don't challenge our fears we will never experience true happiness. Risks are scary, but sometimes they actually pay off and your dreams become reality. If not, so what? There's no shame in trying and failing because eventually the unknown will turn into the best decision of your life as long as you have the courage to pursue it.

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