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The 260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run Preview with Jordan Tucker & Jim Kern

If you've listened recently or have seen my social media, you know that beginning on June 12th my cousin Jordan Tucker and I, with the support of my father Jim Kern, will be running 260 miles from Canada to Connecticut to benefit Foodshare. On the episode we preview the entire run, including the course, elevation profile, our feelings about the run, and so much more! At the time of this episode we have raised $8,000 which is approximately 20,000 meals for Foodshare to provide to the people of Greater Hartford! This is amazing and I can't thank ALL OF YOU enough for your support of our run. If you'd like to donate please visit Follow our journey all week long on my website and social media platforms. Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

If you'd like to listen to the episode here's the links!

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