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I thought of this blog during my run this morning, but it took me all day to put it into words. I was listening to my episode on the Scarecrow Runner Podcast and I thought about the work it took to be able to run 7 miles nonstop. If you didn't already guess, that was my workout this morning.

The road to seven miles, let alone 260 in a single week was long. There was a lot of hard work, difficult moments, and failures to get to a point where I could challenge my body to the level that I can today. It was well worth it, but it was the biggest uphill climb that I've faced in my life thus far.

I am continuing to challenge myself and think of new goals in all aspects of my life. I have numerous personal development, fitness, and life goals that I'm constantly working towards achieving. These are difficult goals to reach and I try to stretch my limits because we're capable of so much more than we believe. I didn't always think this, but I've realized it's very true when I think of my transformation.

Any goal worth achieving requires a lot of work. The work is those tedious small daily wins that are required to reach the larger purpose that you're striving for in life. Examples include, but aren't limited to the early mornings, the late nights, and the times where you keep pushing when you want to give up.

The more work it takes to reach a goal, the more likely someone is to give up if they truly aren't committed. This is human nature. Often, people won't even attempt a goal because of the work it requires to attain. Common excuses are, "I don't have the time, but I'll start soon" or "I'll start after _____ happens." I'll let you fill in the blank, but I bet you have heard and used some resemblance of these excuses at some point in your life.

If you think you want something...DON'T WAIT! Go attack the goal with everything you have in your body and mind. Time has never and will never wait for anyone in this life. The sun will always rise and set, but you have the power to control what you do with your limited time. If you want to change your life start now because if you wait until tomorrow, you'll be in the same position with one less day in your life account.

The days will go by and everyone has a limited amount of time on the Earth so make each second count. Don't wait until tomorrow, one week from now, or a year down the road. Start putting your thoughts into actions because when you change your life you're going to wish you started even earlier than you did!

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