Right Now is the Perfect Time to Try Something New

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Obviously COVID-19 is throwing all of us out of our normal routine. Most of us have lost our ability to do the in person activities that we all thrive on as humans in a period where social distancing is becoming the standard. These are definitely tough times, but our situation could always be worse and has been throughout different periods of history. We still have the ability to do a lot of activities as long as we keep our 6 foot boundary between each other. That obviously limits some things, but so what...LET'S MAKE THE MOST OF IT! The mandated shut down of bars, clubs, sports, and restaurants takes away a lot of the outlets we all use to relax, destress, and socialize. Just because we lost these normalcies doesn't mean we can't try something new to fill their place.

I love to run. While it's not the only way I workout, it's definitely my main source of exercise. Luckily it's still allowed, but today I decided to try something new. I went for a hike and I know there's a lot of you thinking, "There's barely any differences between running and hiking...just a faster pace," but I found that to be completely wrong. I have never truly hiked, but that changed today and the sensations I experienced were very different than on one of my runs.

I ended up going for a 4.5 hour hike where I covered a total distance of 17 miles all along my frequent running routes. I didn't care about my pace. I didn't care about my mileage. I didn't care about an upcoming race. I just put my pack on and walked until I didn't feel like it anymore. Not caring about these three things made me see everything from a completely different viewpoint. I noticed the tiniest details on the houses and cars that I passed. I saw so many different animals, insects, and plants in the trails that I had never seen on a previous run. I saw the 'pure' beauty of nature for the first time in places that I constantly visit. It just took a new activity to bring this true beauty to light in my eyes. It doesn't have to be a run or a hike, but there is something new that we all can do to fill the void during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Each of us just has to find what that is!

Who knows...

You may actually fall in love with that activity you always wanted to try, but never had the time. Don't dwell on what you no longer can do. Go try something that is possible and it could open your eyes to a whole new world outside of the norm!

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