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Pushing Through the Pain with Darius McDonald

My guest today is Darius McDonald. Darius owns his own business 100percentfitness where he is a personal trainer and sports massage therapist. Darius resides in England where he moved from the United States as a child. He evolved into an extremely talented soccer player, but due to an ankle injury his career suffered an abrupt ending. He recently turned to running after being told he shouldn't lace up his shoes from doctors because of his ankle, but has improved drastically and just recently ran a 1:44 half marathon. He took 47 minutes off his personal best from his own training program and has shared his philosophy in a recent blog. His running plan for beginner to intermediate level runners is available is available at This website is still being developed as Darius is working on shifting his business online in these difficult times of COVID-19. We also discuss how he's still helping people achieve their fitness goals despite his personal training becoming virtual and what 100percentfitness offers clients currently and prior to the pandemic. If you want to learn more about100percentfitness visit or check the business out on Facebook at If you want to get in touch with Darius his Instagram is and his YouTube is

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