Long Days and Fast Years

This weekend I had the pleasure of getting to work at a baseball tournament which featured teams from multiple areas including Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. I was a site director so I got the pleasure to talk to a lot of the parents on each of the teams that came to sit with me in the shade maintaining social distance of course! It definitely brought me back to my summer weekends playing baseball with my best buddies, but seeing it from the spectators point of view in this case. In between the coach and umpire heckling, I had some really great conversations with many parents, but one resonated with me so much that I had to write a blog about the interaction.

I was talking to a parent from Manhattan and he was telling me about a headmaster's speech from one of his children's high school. This speech took place after the headmaster lost one of his children because of an overdose. Part of his speech following the tragedy to his school community went along these lines:

In NYC, we all have long days. Sometimes we miss the subway or no taxis show up. We get caught up in the city and this can cause life to drag, but even though the days may be long the years are very short so don't waste a single second of time.

I thought about this speech and it's one of the truest lines I've ever heard. It doesn't matter where you're located because we all have tough days in our lives that we feel will never end. I can name a bunch of days in the last month where I've felt this way, but this doesn't stop the years from flying by right before your eyes. I was thinking back to when I was 13 years old sitting in the same dugout that I was now watching from behind the fence. I wasn't reliving the "glory days," but I was thinking that the years from 13 to 22 went by pretty quickly. Along the way I cried, I went through hard times, I suffered heartbreak, I lost friends, but these difficulties didn't stop life from relentlessly moving forward.

You will experience hard times in your life every single day. Difficulty is inevitable, but try to enjoy everyday to the fullest because time doesn't slow for the tough days even if it feels this way. Cherish everyday, embrace the tough times, and treasure the great moments because whether you realize it or not, life moves pretty fast!

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