It Takes Work to be Average...

The society we live in today is defined by averageness. Being average is okay because everyone has the choice of how they want to live their life, but being average still takes work. So if it takes work, why not keep pushing to achieve success and escape this trap of life?

Average results are formulated from an average mindset. I define a person with an average mindset as someone who doesn't keep pushing when adversity strikes. A lot of people will watch a motivational video or see something that fires them up which typically results in a short burst of increased activity until the going gets tough. It took effort to start so why not keep pushing? Why not put in the extra work to reach your goal? Most people don't keep pushing and that's the facts. The only difference that seperates success from average is a relentless desire to attain excellence. Successful people love the hunt and they never stop hunting because they fear stagnation and falling back towards the trap of averageness.

If you don't hunt, you can't kill and just to be clear I'm being metaphorical. We control the effort we put in and how we respond to adversity. Everything takes effort. It takes effort to make an excuse so why not just go do the work?

There is no quick path to success and this statement couldn't be more true. Success isn't a destination, but rather a constant state of improvement where the hunt never stops.

It's very simple...

You can go out and get whatever you want in this world as long as you're willing to push through the tough times and attack each day with relentless effort.

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