I'm Back...It's Yes Man Mile Time

Did you miss me?

If you haven't noticed I've been somewhat quiet on the blog and podcast lately. For anyone wondering everything is definitely okay, but life just happens sometimes and things get pushed to the side. It happens to ALL OF US and in the past two weeks it has definitely happened to myself. Thanks to everyone in the TK Army who has asked where my content has been. It hasn't been around, but I'll tell you one thing for sure: IT'S BACK!

I couldn't have picked a better day to get back on the blog and podcast grind because I have a hefty challenge ahead of me tomorrow. My guys' at ThunderMeat Endurance down in Georgia created an awesome virtual race event that I couldn't say no to and that's not just because it's called the Yes Man Mile.

Tomorrow I will be running 1 mile every 15 minutes for 8 hours on a quarter mile track. I have covered this distance multiple times before and I've done it on a track twice, but there's a couple huge wildcards in this race. I have to be on the start line promptly every 15 minutes because if I don't start the mile on time I will be DQ'd from the race. I've never done a last man standing style event so this will definitely be a HUGE challenge. The next wildcard is it's an ultramarathon and over the course of an ultra no matter how big or small you have no clue how your body will react. I'm definitely going to take all the knowledge from the 260 mile Canada to Connecticut run and apply it, but this doesn't lessen the fact that there will be a lot of low points on the track tomorrow.

The lows are part of ultra running and these inevitable difficult times definitely won't stop me from toeing the line tomorrow...or ever! When we run from discomfort, we will never experience anything close to our maximum potential because we don't grow by taking the easy road. We grow during the tough times. When you're faced with a decision to fight or fold and you don't quit you'll be rewarded in the end.

So with all that said, I know tomorrow will not be easy, but that won't stop me from taking the road less traveled and running 1 mile every 15 minutes for 8 hours like any true Yes Man would! Follow along all day on my social media platforms for live updates.

Would you like to participate in the Yes Man Mile? The event runs through September 30th and you can sign up on Ultra Signup here: https://ultrasignup.com/register.aspx?did=78613

What are your thoughts? I'd love to hear! Send me an email, comment below, or reach out on social media.

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