How to Not Gain Weight During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The Coronavirus has thrown everyone out of their routine in some sort of fashion. For a lot of us, our routine included the ways we stay fit. Coronavirus has taken away jobs and gyms which many people rely on for their sources of physical activity. So the big question is how do we not pack on the pounds during a recommended quarantine? Trust me, if this thought has crossed your mind in the past two weeks you're definitely not alone. I've heard many people claiming that the quarantine is going to go hand in hand with weight gain throughout society, but this definitely does not have to be the case!

Here's what you need to do:

Make a schedule every day to know what you want and need to accomplish fitting in times to be active. Activity doesn't have to be a 10 mile run or a grueling weight lifting session. It can be as simple as getting up from your computer and taking a stroll around your neighborhood...obviously keeping your social distance from others! Having a schedule and fitting in times when you want to move puts this activity in your head right from the start of the day which increases your likelihood to follow through on the task.

Have an idea of what you're eating throughout the day. You don't need to track calories. I understand this is stressful and difficult for many people, but having a general knowledge of your consumption throughout the day is very helpful for understanding your weight. This helps refrain from mindless eating which is the fastest way to pack on the pounds. It's okay to go watch television with some snacks, but measure out your portion. For example, if you want to have potato chips don't take the whole bag to the couch. Instead, take a serving or two so when the show you're watching ends you didn't down an entire bag. You'll make a healthy choice and have some more left for later. You can't beat that!

If you're stressing about not having access to a gym don't panic! Going outside has not been canceled and neither has bodyweight workouts. Let's start with doing activity outside. We are still able to walk, run, bike, swim, or even do a combination of all four. In regard to bodyweight workouts, these can be very beneficial as well. There are tons of workouts online and many trainers and athletes have been posting workouts that they're doing to help others. The bottom line is just because you don't have equipment doesn't mean you can't do anything. Make the best of your situation!

The Coronavirus shutdown will end and when it does we don't want to have to lose weight when everything we love reopens! Use this period positively to stay healthy. By maintaining discipline now, you'll be able to enjoy life soon when the country returns to normalcy!

If you have any questions or other ideas to add to the list, I'd love to hear them! Comment below, send me an email, or connect with me on social media!

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