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Fundraising Update for Foodshare

Let me start this blog off with two words...


In the first week of fundraising, we have been able to raise $1,640 which has already surpassed my goal of $1,000 for Foodshare. In fact, we did $1,000 worth of donations in one night which is remarkable. None of this would've been possible without every single one of YOU who have supported our mission to combat hunger in Greater Hartford Connecticut.

$1,640 is amazing, but the exciting thing is that WE are just getting started. Your support is appreciated by so many people and the smallest donation can go a long way in helping to provide meals to people in need. During the pandemic, food scarcity has drastically heightened.

In the area Foodshare supports, 118,000 people struggle with hunger. Last year, Foodshare distributed more than 11 million meals worth of food to a network of nearly 280 local food pantries, meal programs, and Mobile Foodshare sites.

With the increase in demand due to COVID-19, Foodshare set up a drive-thru food distribution at Rentschler Field. In the past four weeks, Foodshare has provided over 29,000 households with about three day’s worth of food. Over 70% of the drive-thru distribution clients have never experienced food insecurity until now.

Foodshare is spending an additional $100,000 per week to meet this increased need in the community.

These statistics are proof that every penny truly matters.

I can't thank everyone enough for the support thus far. If you're interested in contributing to the fundraiser please visit

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” - Anne Frank


- Tanner

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