Freddy Soft: Everyone's Worst Enemy

You woke up this morning and were supposed to go workout, but a little voice told you to stay in bed and you continued sleeping.

You were supposed to stay away from unhealthy foods on your diet, but a little voice said just a little dessert won't do any harm and you ate the cookie.

You were supposed to get your work done today, but a little voice told you it's not due for two more days, why do it now? You proceeded to procrastinate.

Have you ever wondered who that little voice belongs to that tells you to take the easy way out?

His name is Freddy Soft and he is everyone's worst enemy. Freddy has the potential to be deadly to your success.

I first learned about Freddy at a USA Football camp in Maryland when I was in the sixth grade. The camp brought in motivational speakers everyday and to this day I still remember every single word of this speech.

"Freddy Soft prevents you from getting better. It's easy to get better or worse everyday when you wake up. It's a very simple choice. You either listen to Freddy Soft or you don't. He is always there, but you have the choice to listen."

I think of Freddy Soft as the little demon and I battle him everyday. We all do. It's that part of you that wants you to take the easy road, instead of the right road. Success is an easy concept. All it takes is a choice. We all know the work that we need to do to get to where we want to go, but sometimes we just don't do it and we cave to the temptation of Freddy Soft.

So how do we defeat Freddy? He may be a little guy, but he couldn't be any stronger.

We need to adapt a level of discipline so strong that even Freddy can't defeat to overcome the laziness he preaches. This takes time. You don't suddenly wake up and have discipline. Here's my tips in order to attain it:

1) You need to do the things that you don't like, but you know are necessary in your life. This toughens your mind so when difficult situations arise, you don't back down from the challenge.

2) You need to set goals that you want and let nothing get in your way. Find your passion and go pursue it. Make sure it's something you truly want so when things get tough you can remember why your'e on the road. This way you won't take the exit from your dream.

3) You need to be kind and forgive yourself. We're all human and we do slip up occasionally. Just because we slip up doesn't mean we give up. If you fall off the path of discipline realize that it happens and continue on the path toward your goal.

Freddy is always going to be on your shoulder, but YOU have the ultimate power. Freddy is just putting thoughts in your head. He only wins when these thoughts become actions.

If you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear them. Please reach out to me by email or on any of my social media accounts!

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