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For the Kids with WATS Baseball Tournament Director Will Visgilio

My guest today is War at the Shore Baseball Tournament Director Will Visgilio. Will and I grew up playing in these tournaments together and now he has taken over as the tournament director and is doing an amazing job. WATS has experienced a difficult summer with COVID, but they've found a way to adapt to regulations and still provide a world class experience for the kids who make the trip to Southeastern Connecticut for a tournament. WATS has been in business since 2001 and it was started by the current General Manager of the company, Joe Zrenda. Joe built the business from the ground up and now WATS is attracting more than 300 teams per summer with weekend events featuring 90+ teams. In the episode we discuss the history of WATS, what it's like putting on a massive tournament, why the company is all for the kids, and so much more on the Season 1 finale of TKP! If you'd like to check out War at the Shore visit or check them out on their social media page. IG:

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