Everything I'm Bringing to Run 260 Miles in One Week: Gear

For tonight's preview blog, I wanted to cover what I was bringing in my gear bag. I didn't put too much thought into this besides emptying my drawers and bringing everything I could find. My reasoning for this is because I believe in this case, it's definitely best to overpack. We have no clue the temperature or weather that we're going to get and we probably won't be able to do laundry so I decided to prepare for the worst!

Before I get into the blog, I just wanted to thank everyone for their support thus far. We are closing in on $9,000 and none of this would be possible without ALL OF YOU! $9,000 will allow Foodshare to provide 22,500 meals in these difficult times for so many so from the bottom of my heart...THANK YOU! If you'd like to donate please visit www.foodshare.org/canadatoconnecticutrun.

So let's get to the blog! Here's all the gear that I'm taking to run 260 miles in one week!

Compression Shorts/Leggings

I'm bringing 8 pairs of compression shorts and 2 pairs of leggings. If I find anymore compression shorts in my drawer in the next day I will definitely add more because these are key to run 260 miles. This large distance will inevitably throw some chaffing my way.


8 pairs of shorts are coming in my suitcase along with 1 pair of joggers. A wide range of lengths, brands, and styles to get me through the week!


9 t-shirts and 3 cut-offs are making their way to the Canadian border with me. You can never have enough t-shirts because of weather, sweat, mud, or anything else we may encounter covering the distance.

Outer Layers

Not too much here. 1 Crew sweatshirt, 1 quarter zip, and 1 rain jacket. I have a feeling the rain jacket will come in handy this week...


I try not to run without a hat on. 4 hats for the week. 2 of the official run hats, 1 Foodshare hat, and 1 hat from the best energy bar company around...Picky Bars!


15 pairs. Probably will still not be enough with the inevitable blisters coming my way...


I decided to bring 4 pairs of shoes. From right to left they go oldest to newest. The oldest pair has 400+ miles and the newest pair has about 50 miles on their soles. I'm in good shape here! Also added a pair of recovery sandals because recovery will be key for a successful run!

Hydration and Accessories

I'm bringing my hydration belt and backpack. I hope to not wear the backpack, but depending on the distance we have to cover to refuel I may have no choice. I'm also bringing a few handheld bottles, Body Glide (ABSOLUTE NECESSITY) and headphones if I need to tune out for a quick episode of TKP!

Recovery and Injury Prevention

Recovery and injury prevention are extremely important to get this job done. I have my achilles brace, some KT Tape, a hand roller, foot roller, and electric massager.

One thing is certain. It's going to be a wild week. The unknown is massive and it's the most exciting part for me getting prepared for this run. It's almost time to go to work. 3 days...

Did I miss anything? Please let me know! Send me an email or reach out on social media.

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