Doing Meaningless Things to Find Meaning in Ourselves

Yesterday I ran 1 mile every 15 minutes for 8 hours. This totaled 32 miles and I'm paying for it today. Everything hurts and even though this is par for the course with any physical challenge I feel a little worse than usual today. So obviously when you're feeling rough you ask yourself the question, "Why did I go outside and put myself through 32 miles yesterday?"

My first thought that came to mind was that yesterday was meaningless. Now, on a surface level it definitely was meaningless. It was a virtual race on a Tuesday where I was running for 8 hours. If I had to guess, the people who saw me running with my handmade aid station consisting of two coolers and a lawn chair on the track probably thought I was insane.

So in the big scheme of things yesterday's race was meaningless, but sometimes we do meaningless things to find meaning in ourselves...Right? Have you ever done something that didn't mean anything to most, but it was what you needed to do to find yourself. That action, whatever it was, gave you a sense of purpose and pure joy. That was me yesterday. There's a lot of noise in the world that clouds our thoughts and makes us forget our own personal meanings. We're driven by society's expectations so it's very easy to lose track of who we personally are to our core. So, sometimes we need to do meaningless things because these activities remind us of who we truly are in all aspects of our lives.

I love the hard times. The hard times on the track make you figure out a solution which translates to every facet of life. Hard physical challenges teach you to not quit because there is a reward on the other side as long as you keep pushing though the pain.

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