Continuing to Push the Limit with Dreux Beirne

My guest on today's episode is Dreux Beirne. Dreux is an endurance athlete who hasn't stopped pushing himself physically and mentally since he was going on 100 mile bike rides in high school. Dreux has completed over 12 marathons and ultramarathons as well as several Ironman triathalons, but his cycling feats are Dreux's proudest endurance accomplishments. In 2015, Dreux biked the entire TransAmerica Bike Trail which is a 4,700 mile trail with 150,000 ft. of elevation gain. He followed this up with biking the Great Divide Trail in 2019. The Great Divide is a 3,083 mile trail with 200,000 ft. of elevation gain that runs along North America's Continental Divide. We dive deep into these two trips, how Dreux got into endurance, the lessons he has learned on the journey and so much more! If you want to read about Dreux's major bike trips here are the links and

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