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Burn the Boats

I'm a huge fan of Tony Robbins because he says a lot of amazing life changing things in his seminars and books. The combination of his material mixed with his delivery is what makes him special and extremely captivating. This week I was listening to one of his seminars and I heard him talk about burning the boats.

The story goes like this:

If you're going to take over the island, you better burn the boats because that way there is no turning back. When you're faced with death or success, success will usually prosper, but you must be willing to truly go ALL IN and burn the boats!

This really resonated with me because if you're willing to go ALL IN you will reach your dreams. The best part about this is that all you have to do is make the decision to burn the boats. Despite this, it must be a real decision. A real decision is when you don't even think about turning back to your prior life. If I make a real decision to lose weight, I'm not going back to my old eating patterns one week later. That's not burning the boats! Burning the boats is making a decision to change your life and not stopping until you successfully reach the place you wanted to go.

We all have the ability to burn the boats, but we all don't do it. Some people never try to take over the island and others attempt to take it, but retreat to their boats when they experience some discomfort. There are few out there who do burn the boats and reach their dreams, but they made the conscious decision to not turn back when they hit the inevitable adversity they'll encounter along the way. Don't make excuses of why you can't do something...burn the boats and find a way to get it done!

What are your thoughts on burning the boats? I'd love to hear! Comment below, send me an email, or reach out on social media.

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