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#40 - Creating Your Own Success with Chris & Eric Martinez

My guests today are Chris and Eric Martinez. Chris and Eric had a childhood filled with adversity. They lost their father at the age of 18. This caused their mother to turn to alcohol and both of them to go down a negative path for an extended period of time. Chris and Eric used fitness as a way to pull themselves through the stages of grief. Fitness ended up shaping the beginning of their adult lives.Chris and Eric became personal trainers. This passion ended up turning into a personalized online training business called "Dynamic Duo Training." After nearly a decade of helping clients reach their fitness goals, Chris and Eric started a new business to help fitness professionals start their own online coaching businesses. These two entrepreneurs have turned this company, "Dynamic Fit Pros," into their second six figure business. Additionally, Chris and Eric are #1 International Best Selling Authors and hosts of the "Dynamic Lifestyle Podcast."

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