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#37 - Life is Terminal, it’s Our Job to Live It with Matthew Pullan

"My cancer might be inoperable but I’m not scared. I just want the word ‘inoperable’ used and not ‘incurable’."

This is a quote from today's guest Matthew Pullan. Matthew Pullan, known as Running Through Cancer, is a young adult from the UK. In 2004, he had a brain tumor that was able to be successfully removed. Matthew had a normal childhood following the removal of his first brain tumor. He participated in all types of sports growing up. In 2020, he was feeling dizzy so he went back to his Cancer specialist. An MRI revealed that he had another brain tumor near the location of his first tumor that was removed. Surgery removed 99% of the second tumor, but doctors found that the cancer had spread to his brainstem making it inoperable and terminal. Despite this, Matthew continues to maintain an amazing outlook on life. He is still running and going to college while undergoing cancer treatments. In the month of November, he's running a mile a day for charity which is a clear sign of his positivity. In the episode, Matthew and I discuss his entire life, we dive deep into the sport of running, and we hear why Matthew isn't going to stop! If you'd like to connect with Matthew his blog is, IG:, Twitter:

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