#34 - The Fundamentals of Leadership with Dan Jaskot

My guest today is Dan Jaskot. Dan is the President of Empower Leadership and host of the Lead with Empower Podcast. Empower Leadership is a collection of leadership experts who share a passion for adventure and helping others. Dan attended Xavier High School where he played football & baseball. He continued his education at Springfield College as a Physical Education major and a member of the football team. Following graduation, Dan initially went into teaching before joining the Empower Leadership team. He has been with the company since 2009 helping people of all ages build their leadership, teamwork, and relationship skills. In the episode I pick Dan's brain about the philosophy of leadership. We also discuss his journey to where he is today, Empower Leadership, and his podcast. I was recently a guest on Dan's Lead with Empower Podcast! Check out the show and his podcast here: https://leadwithempower.com/pods-and-blogs/#podcast If you'd like to connect with Dan here's his twitter: https://twitter.com/Leadership_Dan If you'd like to learn more about Empower Leadership visit: https://leadwithempower.com and https://twitter.com/LeadWithEmpower.

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