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#30 - Running for Life with Hector Rodriguez

My guest today is ultra runner Hector Rodriguez. Hector Rodriguez is a husband, father, and challenge seeker that resides in San Diego, CA. Hector’s journey started after coming across David Goggin’s Can’t Hurt Me book. He was an endurance athlete before he read the book, but his life was completely transformed as he lost 50 pounds and began intentionally throwing major challenges in his path. Hector began running, walking, and hiking 10 miles a day and this paid dividends in his daily life as well as his ultra career. In 2020, Hector started to see his consistent training payoff in his challenges. He finished top 5 finish in the Pirate Cove 24-hour race, 3rd in the Aravaipa Strong 100 miler, and 2nd in the Aravaipa Lone Mountain race where he covered 146 miles. He is currently preparing to take on Moab 240 in a month which is a 240 mile race through Moab, UT that has 29,000 ft. of climbing...the same elevation that you would get from climbing Mt. Everest. If you'd like to connect with Hector his IG is

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