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3 Tips to make Coronavirus Downtime Productive

If you're anything like myself, your eyes are probably beginning to hurt because of the increased amount of screen time since the quarantine began. It's hard to not pay attention to social media and the news in the current climate we are in because of the influx of news we receive every single day. The news can be positive or negative depending on the day and that is why in stressful times like this I think it can be very beneficial to truly examine ourselves instead of the world. I'm not saying to stop paying attention to the news, but I am saying use this time in the most productive way possible which involves taking the occasional break from media and trying to improve ourselves.

Here's my 3 biggest tips to make the COVID-19 quarantine productive:

1) Find something you enjoy that you are still able to do and GO DO IT!

This can be anything you want! Find what makes you happy and go do it. A quarantine doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying your life. Even when the country is shut down, the activity possibilities are endless.

2) Explore new activities!

If you always wanted to try something new now is definitely the time. For a lot of people, the excuse that "I don't have enough time" is not even an option. Who knows...something you find during the pandemic may turn into a lifelong passion. You just needed the time to find it!

3) Focus on your mental and physical health!

The Coronavirus doesn't care who you are and that can cause stress for a lot of people. Take breaks to relax, meditate, or just sleep. Anything that you consider to be beneficial for your mental health go do it because it's going to really help you during the shutdown. Physically, try to move everyday. This doesn't have to be strenuous exercise because you create the rules, but just getting off your couch and going for a five minute walk (while maintaining your social distance) can be extremely beneficial for your overall health.

Stay positive and don't forget that with each passing day, we are one step closer to normalcy!

If you have any questions about how I'm staying busy during the shutdown or comments you'd like to share, don't hesitate to reach out by email or on any of my social media accounts!

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