260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run: Travel Day - 6/11/20

Travel day is officially here. When I started planning this run a little over a month ago this day seemed very far away, but now it's time to rock n' roll! All bets are off. What Jordan and I have done to prepare for this massive challenge facing us in the next seven days is over and now it's time to get to work.

The bags have been packed for a couple days now and today was just about putting it all together in the trunk. The only thing I went out to get today was some medical supplies from CVS (First Aid Kit, KT Tape, Blister Care, and BioFreeze). I know a 260 mile week in unknown territory is a huge challenge, but packing the car was no small feat either. We have a ton of stuff and the SUV is packed to capacity so piecing it all together definitely wasn't easy. The good news is that our Crew Chief aka. Dad, Coach Kern, or Jim is a master planner. SEE IMAGE BELOW!

This trip wouldn't be possible without him as he was the one who made all the final decisions on our route, daily mileage, and hotel venues. I can't thank him enough for his help and agreeing to come support two crazy runners for a week in our effort to fight food insecurity in Greater Hartford!

We haven't even started running yet and the trip has already been so successful. Thanks to ALL OF YOU we have almost reached $10,000 for Foodshare. If you would've asked me a month ago if I thought the fundraiser would reach $10,000, I would've thought you were crazy. And to top it all off this huge amount was almost reached before we even toed the US/Canada border! The fundraiser will be open throughout the entire run so if you'd like to support our cause to fight hunger and help give us a little extra motivation on our grueling journey please visit www.foodshare.org/canadatoconnecticutrun.

I'm currently writing this in the car (that’s the reason if you find a typo!) so we picked up Jordan around 4:30pm from the local train station, stopped back home to say some goodbyes, and began making our way up North. We have around a 4 hour drive ahead of us to Lancaster, New Hampshire tonight. Early tomorrow morning we're going to drive another hour to the US/Canada Border Patrol Station in Beecher Falls, VT and begin our run!

For dinner tonight, we stopped at an amazing roadside taco stand. It was called Tito’s Tacos and hopefully we’re able to find more of these dives as we venture further and further from civilization! We couldn’t have asked for a better pre run meal for the biggest leg of the trip coming tomorrow!

We start with 46 miles tomorrow morning from the Beecher Falls US/Canada Border Crossing back to Lancaster, NH. We will be staying in the same hotel two nights in a row which I'm happy about because of all the stuff we're carrying to keep us moving, safe, and well nourished. Jordan and I both can't wait to get started. Our usual text conversation begins with "Can it just be June 12th already!" The good news is that we don't have much more time to wait. Four hours in the car, a night of rest, another one hour drive in the morning and then it's time to enter the Pain Cave for an amazing cause!

There will be updates throughout the week on social media and my blog. I plan on blogging at least once a day to update everyone on how we're doing and I will be flooding social media with live updates as well!

We‘re running 260 miles to help our neighbors in need in these difficult times for all. I can’t thank ALL OF YOU enough for your support! All you have to do now is buckle up and get ready to watch Jordan and I travel 260 miles by foot from Canada to Connecticut!

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