260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run - Day 6

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We didn’t take too many pictures today. It was a tough day towards the end. My body started to break down around the 50k mark and Jordan had a bum hamstring for a large part of the run so there were many difficult points. Despite this, we battled all day long in 90+ degree heat. Here’s us at the start of the day! We ran from Millers Falls, MA to Springfield, MA.

The route wasn’t very scenic compared to our previous runs because we’re getting closer to a lot more civilization every day. It was a really fun run though overall. We ran through multiple college campuses including UMass Amherst, Amherst College, and MT. Holyoke College which was really nice.

With 5 miles to go we came across a high school with a temperature reading. It was over 90 degrees at this point and we were feeling the heat. We kept pushing though to hammer out the last 5 miles!

The planned route wasn’t safe to run on so we changed things up. We doubled back for the last two miles to hit our allotted 35 miles for the day. It was a hard day, but we’re almost done. We’ve run 9 marathons in 6 days and tomorrow we have our last one! The shortest day of mileage, but it’s still a marathon and we have to FINISH STRONG!

The plan is to finish at Foodshare between 2-2:30 tomorrow. We’ll have to leave somewhat early because we’re not running this marathon on fresh legs to get to the destination on time.

We’re closing in on $12k to fight hunger with Foodshare. Please help us reach this monumental number by visiting www.foodshare.org/canadatoconnecticutrun

Foodshare...We will see you tomorrow!!

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