260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run - Day 4

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Let me start the blog off by saying that this is hard. It’s no joke and it’s very painful. I know the daily pictures on Facebook look like this is sunshine and rainbows, but it‘s a struggle to take a step at some points in the day. I had my lowest point on the whole trip today. My left foot/shins have been extremely tender and when I reached the 23rd mile I didn’t think I’d be able to take another step. I wish I was exaggerating right now, but I’m not. We had a huge climb on mile 23 and when we got to the top our Crew Chief was waiting in the support vehicle. My leg was loaded with KT Tape and I took it all off to ice. I put my leg out the window and with Jordan as well as my dad’s help, I was able to regroup.

In that moment, I had my doubts. I would have to grind out 17 more miles and it was a struggle to walk. After 20 minutes, I laced my shoes back up and started moving forward. I didn’t want to “die in the chair.” If I was going to quit, I was going to collapse on the road. I started walking and there was a massive pain shooting through my entire leg, but with Jordan’s help and encouragement I was able to persevere. We ended up starting to run again and moved at a fast pace up until mile 35. At 35, I had to ice again and I was determined to not quit. We have a lot more strength then we think. I was ready to quit, but I fought my mind and got it done. I know I couldn’t have done it without the help of Jordan and my dad. This was the toughest test of my life today, but now we’re over the hump and closing in on the finish line in three days. We have to keep focus, but after fighting through a grueling 10 hour day the obstacle is going to have to be MASSIVE to hold us back.

This was the highlight of the day, but there were some other cool sights along the way. We saw a Moose Crossing sign!

We saw the longest covered bridge in the US!

We ran through an epic town: Bellows Falls, VT.

These crazy cousins grinded out miles for 10 hours today after three previous 40 mile days...name another combo doing that!

Here’s our final stats!

We’re running to fight hunger! If you’d like to donate please visit www.foodshare.org/canadatoconnecticutrun

35 on deck for tomorrow! Make sure you check out all the updates for tomorrow!

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