260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run - Day 3

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I’m so happy day 3 is in the books because I struggled today. Things started out great and I was feeling solid up until 50k, but my biggest problem is that when I get near the end of the day I let my guard down. 10 miles on a good day is nothing, but with 110 miles under your belt it’s a completely different beast! We started the day at the Nootka Lodge and it was a really good morning of running. We got to run some trails which was not only nice on our legs, but really pretty. I apologize, but there are not many pictures from early in the day because we were in the zone besides this one of my blistered foot.

We did take one to thank Picky Bars for their help and to thank Jordan’s girlfriend Emily for the shirts she made us.

That picture was from 10 miles, but here’s us at the 20 mile mark and when we surpassed 100 miles on the week.

Following this picture we ran two miles down the road and then ventured down a 10 mile back road/trail. This was very scenic and a two really cool things happened along the way! Before we get to this, let me share some pictures of the road!

I’ll start with the cool part of the trail then I’ll get to a story that’ll warm your heart! We had to cross a stream on the path. The road was closed, but we went down it anyways because when you’re 120 miles in you don’t want to add any extra mileage. We ended up crossing a stream which was AWESOME! Here’s some photos.

The next thing that happened was the highlight of the trip thus far! So if you noticed my leg, it’s loaded with KT Tape. My left shin and Achilles feels like they’re ready to fall off so the rest of the week I’ll be loading up with tape. We were running on the backroad and there was a family of cyclists. One of the men asked me if I had shin splints and I said, “Yes we‘re running from Canada to Connecticut.” They pedaled off and we crossed paths a couple miles later as we were refueling and they said good luck on your run and cheered us on. Then we saw them a little later and they gave us $60 and someone else who was on River Rd. (The street we were running) gave money as well, but they’re not pictured! I can’t thank these people enough for their generosity. All we said was we were running from Canada to Connecticut and without thought they donated to our cause. If you’re reading this and I hope you are, we all can’t thank each and every one of you enough! Here’s the family!

After that, the day was fairly uneventful. We just hammered out the last ten painful miles. We finished at Dartmouth College which was really cool. This was the first D1 football offer I received in high school so it was pretty surreal to run the grounds that I visited on five years ago! Here’s us right before we finished.

Here’s our final stats!

We are doing this to fight hunger for Foodshare! We are almost at $11,000 for the run fundraiser. If you’d like to help please visit www.foodshare.org/canadatoconnecticutrun

Another 40 is coming up in the morning! Make sure you catch the wrap up blog tomorrow night!

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