260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run - Day 2

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Day 2 is complete! Overall, I felt better today than yesterday, but there were still a lot of lows throughout the day. We ran just about 36 miles today putting our total at 82. This means we have under 200 miles left to get back home! I know this is a lot, but gotta stay positive!

We started out the morning just trying to get loose. I can’t speak for Jordan, but I was SORE so we came out jogging. We kept our pace around a 9:45 per mile. We also enjoyed part of the latest episode of Joe Rogan with Bill Burr. The highlight of the morning was running under a New England covered bridge. We put 10 miles together fairly quickly, but the theme of the day was HILLS! We hit a decent amount of hills in this first 10 miles and when we got to the top we saw a street sign called Mount Misery...so it’s understandable why there were so many hills!

Mount Misery wouldn’t be the biggest climb of the day. We hit a huge climb a few miles after this picture that felt like it just kept going up and up. Right when we got to a point that we thought would be a permanent downhill, it turned into another uphill. Here was a lookout from a point that was probably three quarters up our biggest climb of the day.

We made it up the rest of the way and then SENT IT all the way down. I know downhills seem like a relief, but this one was NOT! My legs were burning coming down the steep descent and it took a toll on my toes. We took a pretty long break when we got down the hill. My achilles and shins were shot and I think this had a lot to do with my brace. I took my brace off and replaced it with KT Tape. The Crew Chief also helped repair my blisters. He had a big task as you can tell in the picture!

At this point we had about 15 miles left and I started to find my groove. We were running on narrow roads so Jordan led the way and I followed. I tried to apply mindfulness to push through the shin and toe pain I was experiencing. I did my best to be attentive in the moment as I locked in on Jordan’s head and just kept picking up my feet. The views were pretty spectacular as well as you can see here.

To do what we’re doing you have to enjoy discomfort. I like pushing my body to the limit, but I don’t think I‘m at Jordan’s level with my pain tolerance yet. Despite this, I’m attempting to deepen my pain cave every single day. The discomfort from day 1 definitely prepared me for the pain on day 2. We kept picking off miles and eventually we had 5 to go. 5 miles may not seem like a whole lot, but at this point in the day it’s a huge obstacle. I was feeling really good at this point and Jordan hit a low so we stopped so he could eat. As I was waiting, my stomach started bothering me to a point where I had to go to the bathroom. So I used nature’s toilet and I went...a lot. That held us up a tad longer than planned. I had some pizza during the run so maybe that was why...but who knows!

Then we began our final descent towards tonight’s destination: The Nootka Lodge. Things went smooth, but we were tired. Once you get towards the end of the day you definitely let your guard down because we knew we were close to real food and a bed. Tonight we’re staying in a log cabin so that was a cool sight when we finished our 36 mile journey. Here’s us right outside our door. My favorite part of the hotel is that our car is 5 yards from the door so when we went to get food I didn’t have to walk to far!

Here’s our final stats from today. Go check out the detailed analytics on Strava!

It was another long day of running so we’ll probably hit the hay soon! Thank you to everyone for your support so far! If you’d like to donate to our run cause to fight food insecurity please visit www.foodshare.org/canadatoconnecticutrun

Don‘t miss the day 3 recap tomorrow night!

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