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260 Mile Canada to Connecticut Run - Day 1

We got to the Canadian Border around 7:30am this morning! We drove alongside the route that we ran to get to the border and it was awesome! We saw breathtaking scenery, but it really didn’t hit me that we’d be running all the way back to where we left from this morning...The Coos Motor Inn in Lancaster, NH.

The border patrol were a little skeptical of us when we got to the Canada sign. They immediately came out of their building to make sure we weren’t pulling any funny business and trying to sneak into Canada! Here’s Jordan and I at the border this morning!

So we took a few quick pics and headed off on the 46 mile journey from the Canadian Border to Lancaster, NH! Here’s our route for the whole day:

Things started out really good. We came out at about a 9:00 minute per mile pace and we were having a blast. The scenery was amazing and it was great to be running something different that a usual loop around town! The weather was great in the morning and very comfortable. All we experienced was blue skies and a cool breeze. At points the headwind was a little difficult, but we were pumped that we had a breeze so the headwind was actually a pleasure because things would change very soon. Here’s us at mile 14:

Notice our change of attire. We had some chaffing, but we took care of it before it became an issue! Also, a big reason we stayed healthy was because of our AMAZING crew chief. He was the real MVP today so I can’t thank him enough!

Around midday the sun started to hit us hard! It was cooler around the border, but when we got to the halfway point the sun really took its toll on us. This caused

our pace to slow, our mood to drop, and slightly longer pit stops. Despite this, we had some great conversations and continued to remind each other how amazing of an opportunity it was to be running in God’s Country! Besides some farmland, there wasn’t much going on and we loved every second of it! We only passed one gas station/general store in about 43 of the 46 miles! You don’t see that in Connecticut!

I give a lot of credit to Jordan for keeping me going today. We both slowed down, but Jordan definitely had a little more pep in his step than I did after we passed 30 miles. I was in a really dark place from mile 35-43 and I was questioning if I had it in me. The sun really hit me hard and I started to cramp in my stomach which was annoying, but also really painful. I kept remembering where I was and where I am now. There was a point when I couldn’t even run a lap and now I was running 46 miles from the Canadian Border. I had two numbers written on all my shoes that are very personal to me and looking at these made each mile a little less painful.

We grinded out miles 35-43 and I have to credit Jordan for keeping my butt in motion. We picked up the pace on the last 5k when we realized that the Coos Motor Inn was in sight. I had never been so happy to see a hotel in my life. Here’s us right after the 35 mile stop! I can’t speak for Jordan, but don‘t let the smile fool ya, I was hurting!

A few really notable experiences came today. One was on the run and the other was post run, but they both had to do with some awesome people. You can literally count on one hand how many people we saw for most of the run, but there was a part where people standing on the side of the road just started cheering us on. That not only helped, but was really cool!

The next noteworthy part of the day came later on when Jordan went to buy a post run beer. I don’t drink, but what happened was pretty cool. There was a guy that bought him beer when he heard about our run. He also said he would donate to our fundraising page for Foodshare. Now that’s pretty cool that a complete stranger took that much interest in what we were doing! Here’s Jordan reaction pic back at the hotel:

Today gave us a little hint at what to expect in the next 6 days...A lot of pain, but a pretty EPIC experience for an amazing cause! At the current moment we have raised $10,480 for Foodshare to fight hunger in Greater Hartford! As cool of an experience that this run is, the real reason we’re doing this is to spread awareness for food insecurity in these difficult times! If you’d like to help please visit

Here’s our final stats for the day! If you’re curious our mile splits and intense stats are on Strava, but I’m really tired so I’m gonna hit the hay! Go check them out if you’re curious!

That pretty much wraps up day 1 folks! There will be live updates all week on my social media and a wrap up blog each night! Back at it with 40 miles bright and early tomorrow! GOOD NIGHT!

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