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100 Mile Treadmill Run Recap


What a couple of days! First off, thank you to everyone for the overwhelming amount of support over the past couple of days. The texts or comments on my social media posts helped me more than you could imagine when my legs started to become heavy during the run.

The fundraiser will close later in the week. Still, as of Sunday night, $1,700 has been raised for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The run was a way to raise money to combat suicide in the United States during these unprecedented times.

I would never have imagined that the fundraiser would be approaching $2,000 so THANK YOU! I will be doing another post later in the week thanking everyone who donated publicly on my social media accounts.

So let's start breaking down this run!

The Start

I began running promptly at 8:00 am ET on Saturday morning. My plan was to conquer the 100 miles as quickly as possible. The run went smooth for 10 miles until I tweaked my hamstring.

I am proud of myself because I took advantage of my surroundings and did not let problems get out of hand. In a road or trail race, a tweaked hamstring could be detrimental.

I stayed calm, got off the treadmill, and applied KT Tape. I also massaged my leg with the Buff gun and rubbed Biofreeze on my knees and hamstrings. I stayed positive during this time, knowing that I still had a long day ahead.

I was relieved when the shooting pain in my leg disappeared following my quick pit stop.

Miles 20 to 42

My legs started to become heavy during miles 20 through 40. I took a quick break to eat lunch, but this period was when I realized, "Oh Sh**, I have a long night ahead."

My friend stopped by, which was a nice reprieve from the monotony, but this visit was short-lived. I turned on MLB Network Radio to pass some time. I listened to the same two-hour playlist or "Going the Distance" from Rocky for most of the run.

I finished mile 42 at 6:07 pm ET on Saturday night. This was when things started to become fun.

Miles 43 to 61

From mile 42 to 51, I felt great. I had climbed the mountain, and all I had to do was come down. However, 49 miles is no easy venture. I was elated to reach the halfway point, but this excitement rapidly dropped when I realized what I had remaining.

I thought to myself, "You need to chunk the remaining mileage." I learned this mindset from the plethora of Navy SEAL Buds videos that I have watched since I started my weight loss journey.

51 to 61 was hard, and my pace really suffered. When I reach mile 59, it was around 11:00 pm ET. I had been running for the majority of 15 hours, and I fell asleep on my treadmill.

When I reached mile 61, I rested my eyes for 15 minutes. My original idea was to sleep for an hour, but I was in too much pain to get comfortable. I was relaxing on the ground next to the treadmill, but this would not help me click off mileage.

I got back on the treadmill before midnight and began the next stretch to 82 miles...

Miles 62 to 82

Miles 62 to 82 was by far my worst period of the night. I was tired, in pain, and six hours away from seeing the sunlight. I do not know if I would have made it through this challenging stretch without my buddy, Ryan Craig.

Ryan came to watch me finish in the morning, but he also stayed up until 2:00 am texting me to keep me motivated.

I reached mile 82 right before 5:00 am. The three hours without Ryan's texts were hard. Nobody was up and all the support I was receiving dwindled in the wee hours of the evening.

However, this made me dig deep and find a way to get the job done. I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I reached mile 82. I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open, so I decided to sleep.

I think I slept for a little over an hour. I had the goal of finishing in 30 hours. 18 miles was no small task, but my hard work overnight put me in a position to reach my time goal.

My Nap

My nap was terrific! Although, it was hard to get myself up. I did not want to continue, but I laced up my shoes and went to work.

Miles 83 to 100

It took my legs a few miles to loosen up before I hit my stride. Once the tightness in my legs that was caused by the nap was relieved, I ran awesome.

I was in pain. Every step hurt, but the finish line was in sight. I pushed the agony aside, and I went to work.

Miles 84 to 91 were the smoothest of the day. I went downhill from miles 92 through 95. I ran faster than I had run throughout the entire fundraiser, from 84 to 91.

I do not regret this decision, but it did cause my legs to take on some added stress. The bottom of my feet felt like I was stepping on glass with every step from 92-95.

Ryan showed up to see me run the final five miles. He and his wife live right down the street, and this was a spur-of-the-moment decision on his part, so I was elated to see him walk into the workout room.

At mile 97, the adrenaline started taking over, and the Beast Mode switch flipped once again. I crushed the last 5K and cruised down the home stretch.

Final Thoughts

My cumulative time for the run was 27 hours. I reached my goal with room to spare. Overall, I could not be prouder of the way I ran this weekend. I fueled flawlessly, and I battled through some excruciating moments that tested me to my core.

Four years ago, I could not run a single mile, so to think that I ran 100 in 27 hours is pretty surreal. You can do anything you want in your life as long as you are willing to sacrifice pleasure and seek discomfort.

If you would like to donate to the run fundraiser, please visit,

Up Next: Time to qualify for Boston...

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