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100 Mile Treadmill Run for AFSP

I'm very excited to announce that I will be running 100 miles straight on my treadmill for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The run will begin on the morning of February 27th. I'm expecting the run to take 24 hours, but this is uncharted territory for myself.

Three years ago, I couldn't even run a single step on a treadmill because I was too heavy. Even the highest quality machine couldn't support a 340 pound person, so my treadmill running experience is very limited.

I'm excited to take on this challenge, but nervous at the same time. Over the course of 100 miles, you never know how your body is going to respond. I've conquered the distance over the course of 34 hours once on a quarter mile track, but I had to go to a place in my mind that I didn't know existed.

The reason I'm undergoing this physical challenge is to raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The suicide rate in the United States has risen drastically during these unprecedented times. I'm hoping that my run can spotlight this national issue and raise money for a charity that's doing so much to fix this problem throughout the country.

I've set the goal for the fundraiser at $500. I've already raised $125 so I can't thank everyone enough who has donated since I launched the fundraiser yesterday.

If you'd like to donate, you can do so at

The entire run will be streamed on YouTube and hourly updates will be given on all of my social media platforms. I'll be releasing more details in the coming weeks as the date of the run approaches!

Thank you for your support!

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